Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Ugly is in the eye of the observer

Patented food

I'm going to have to side with the euros here, on several grounds. First, you have food that is patented. So if your neighbor's SR crops cross polinated YOUR crops, guess what? You have to pay Monsanto for your own seeds! This is wrong, this is evil.

Second, grocery store food is bad enough as it is. Ripening tomatos with phosgene takes away most of the tase, and a lot of the vitamins. If you change a plant's genetics, it seems like you're probably going to screw up its taste.

Third is the propensity for the corpoates to genetically engineer this crap into sterility. I want my seeds to grow.

Cross breeding and inbreeding to turn a wolf into a chihuaua is a long way from genetecially engineering it to have three heads.

Wait til they splice THC creating molecules into lawn grass or something that's common, consumable by humans and impossible to eradicate. I imagine the same thing could be done with cocaine and other drugs.

And imagine the fun one could have splicing mescaline producing genes into the common cold virus ...What's going to happen when we start turning out the Franken-People?

"We can give your upcoming child resistance to disease, but any offspring he has will have to be licensed through us. Sign here please."

"Intellectual Property" as practiced in modern-day industrial societies will go down as one of the great travesties of the age.